An Angel comes to the Shepherds - The Christmas Story

An Angel comes to the Shepherds – The Christmas Story

No matter how many times I’ve heard it, I never get tired of reading the Christmas story. And, not sure what your feelings are but, I love the King James Version of this Bible passage from Luke 2. Other Bible versions tell the same story but the King James Bible tells it in a more […]

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Christmas Story - Mary Visits Elizabeth

Mary Visits Elizabeth – Christmas

From Luke 1, Scripture continues with the Christmas Story. When Mary visits Elizabeth, the baby (John the Baptist) leaps in Elizabeth’s womb. Today, let’s take pause and remember why we celebrate Christmas. It’s not the presents; nor the family meals and gatherings although these things bring happiness for those attending. No, it’s the birth of […]

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Promise Birth of John the Baptist

Promise Of The Birth Of John The Baptist

Yes, you’ve most likely heard this story before. The Christmas story is shared in Matthew, Mark, John, and of course, Luke. But, this “greatest story ever told” is worth telling from each of the disciple’s perspectives. So, I want to take a moment to present the promise of the birth of John the Baptist which […]

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