Do not be ignorant of the Devil’s Stategies -David Jeremiah

Many Christians have lost their God-given power over the world because they have become ignorant of Satan’s Strategies.

They lost the powerful effect of God’s Word in their lives and the lives of the people they minister because they fell into Satan’s traps. God doesn’t want you to be ignorant of your Enemy’s strategies,

Dr. David Jeremiah Video – Do Not Be Ignorant of the Devil’s Strategies

As one of my very favorite pastors, Dr. Jeremiah rings true with his sermon about the devil’s strategies. So, I hope you enjoy the video. But, if you’d rather read, I took some time to transcribe the Bible message for you.

Read it below..

And now from Glendale Arizona here is Dr. David Jeremiah.

I never ever thought I” d see the day when Christians wouldn’t understand that they remain in a war. From the start of time, war has actually been easy to determine & specify.

Opposing armies had…

  • names
  • home territories
  • consistency
  • dress
  • and weapons

And, armies on a battleground were engaged in skirmishes or battles. The moved from place to put geographically.

Among the first modern-day signs that the nature of military engagement was changing, at least from the American viewpoint. appeared during the Vietnam War.

We coined the phrase, guerrilla warfare. It was a phrase used to refer to the tactics of the North Vietnamese who fought unconventionally.

Yes, they had uniforms and typical military infrastructure, but they didn’t fight war the way war had been fought.

It was:

  • hit and run tactics
  • booby traps
  • civilian soldiers
  • And, it was fought in the jungles.

It was a whole new kind of war that we had never experienced before. If that was true in Vietnam in the 1960s. it is magnified many times over today in our war on terror.

The chief weapon of terrorists are fear and intimidation. They don’t play by the rules of historic warfare. For them, there are no rules.

The war on terror was formally identified in the days following September 11th when America was invaded. We had to step up operations, and try to go out to find the enemies on somebody else’s soil.

But, our own the war on terror became part of our cultural conversation. And so, today we are in the midst of this invisible warfare.

We were on a little cruise right after 9/11. And, we went through Portland Maine and somebody said; did you know they came across the border right here? It gives you this eerie feeling that you’re surrounded by people who may not be your friends.

The invisible warriors of our culture

What I want to talk with you about is something I have far more information about – and far more experience with.

That is spiritual warfare, because spiritual warfare is like guerrilla warfare or terrorism.

Those who come to challenge us in our faith. They’re not visible. We don’t know where they are. No, we don’t know how they get into our lives.

But, the Bible tells us that we need to be aware that we’re in a spiritual battle.

In our culture today, there is an incredible rise of Satanism and demonism. All throughout the world, as we look at what is happening in our culture today, we should not be surprised to observe the increase of all of these things that are involved in spiritual warfare,

Because first, Timothy tells us that the spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith. Now, watch this giving heed to deceiving spirits, and to doctrines of demons in the ninth chapter of the book of Revelation.

John the Revelator tells us that during the tribulation, there’s going to be an outpouring of demonology of demons.

I don’t know if you’ve ever read the description of what happens, but when you get a chance sometime read revelation 9 8 through 11

And there, you will find a description of what happens when the demons of Hell are let loose on planet earth during the Tribulation Period,

Now, today as we move closer to the coming of Jesus Christ and the Tribulation Period, we are witnessing the rise of demonic activity all around the world.

For instance, in Italy according to CBS News commentator Mark Phillips, there are now 350 trained exorcists working there where there were only twenty ten years ago. Even in the United States, one in ten Catholics according to a recent survey say they’ve either submitted to or witnessed an exorcism.

Father Thomas Williams says there’s an increased interest in the occult, even in Satanism, where I live in Italy. He wrote satanic worship is actually on the rise! And, this is true in a lot of places in Europe.

And, here in America a November 2010 conference sponsored by the nation’s Roman Catholic Bishops garnered a wave of media attention. The conference held in Baltimore attracted over 50 bishops and 60 priests who were there to learn how to detect and defeat demons.

The conference was created due to a lack of trained people in the Catholic Church – and an increase in demand for exorcism.

Now, I’ll have more to say about exorcism and Christians a little bit later on; and I don’t cite these these statistics in any way to indict the Catholic Church or anything of that nature, but just to point out that Satanism is on the rise.

Demonism is moving forward; and just like Paul wrote to Timothy in the latter days, this is what’s going to happen.

And, we’re seeing it manifest itself in our culture in ways that many of you know about, because you’re shaking your heads up and down. You know what I’m talking about.

There’s a book that was required reading for:

  • All Central Intelligence Agency officers
  • recommended reading for the US military intelligence personnel,
  • also listed in the US Marine Corps professional reading program.

This book, which gains new readers and new venues every passing year, was written 2600 years ago, and it was written in China. The title of the book is the “Art of War” by Sun Tzu.

The book was written simply with 13 chapters. But, in the third chapter, and the 18th principal, he said if you know the enemy and you know yourself you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

If you know yourself, but not the enemy, for every victory gained, you will suffer a defeat. But, if you know neither the enemy nor yourself you will succumb in every battle.

Did you hear what he said? Tzu said if you know yourself, and you know the enemy, you do not need to fear a hundred battles.

If you know yourself but you don’t know the enemy, for every victory that you have you will have a defeat.

And, if you don’t know the enemy and you don’t know yourself, you will lose every single battle that you fight!

No wonder military people have read this book with great interest, because it is true 2600 years ago. It was true and, it’s even truer today.

Also, it’s true in our lives as Christians. Is it not if we do not know our enemy we do not have much of a chance to be victorious over the enemy?

Now, the Bible tells us a great deal about the enemy of our souls. The Bible tells us in Ephesians for instance, that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood – but, we wrestle..

  • against principalities and powers,
  • and against the rulers of the darkness of this age
  • against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

John Phillips tells us we should remember when we read that that our enemies are not people. We must see beyond people.

Satan may use people to persecute us. They may use people to lie to us; or cheat us; or hurt us; or even kill us!

But, our real enemy lurks in the shadows of the unseen world, moving people like pawns on the chessboard. And, as long as we see people as enemies and wrestle against them, we are spending our time in vain.

Now, isn’t it true that today in our churches, our small groups, and in our communities we get focused on the people and we lose sight of where the battle is really being fought?

And, if we continue to do that, we will continue to lose. We will continue to go backward in our Christian experience.

Now, to illustrate how Satan accomplishes what he does in the world today, I paged through the Bible. I remember doing this one day in my office at home and, I underlined every verb I could find that described what Satan does.

A verb is an action word. A verb is what says this is what he does. This is his action. And, I just put them all together in one paragraph and they go like this:

  • Satan beguiles
  • seduces
  • opposes
  • resists
  • deceives
  • he sews terror
  • hinders
  • buffets
  • tempts
  • persecutes
  • blasphemes

and, a whole lot more that I don’t have time to put in the list!

All of his actions are deceitful. They are devices and they’re destructive. And, they’re aimed at diminishing and defacing the glory of God and the effectiveness of his people.

And, so many of us today are being victimized by it, unaware that it’s even happening but aware that something is wrong.

Now, let me tell you some things that I’ve learned about Satan.

First of all, he is the great deceiver according to John, in the words that Jesus gave to a group of Jews who were struggling with his message, he told them that they were the children of their father the devil – and that they had a hard time with truth, because their father’s native language was lies.

A person’s native language is what they speak easily and converse him what they naturally speak. And, ladies and gentlemen, Satan’s natural language is lies!

Revelation refers to him as the one who deceives. The whole world which he does by counterfeiting and camouflaging.

He tries to imitate the work of God. And, he does it very effectively. Yes, he’s the great deceiver. But, he is also the great divider.

Did you know that Satan’s purpose is to divide and conquer? Satan has always been a divider. When he was cast out of heaven, he divided the angels. And, he took a third of them with him.

He instigated division in the first family pitting Cain against Abel. In the early church, he entered into the heart of Ananias and motivated him to divide his loyalty between God and money.

Wherever you see Satan at work, there’s always division.

Listen to me carefully. Did you ever wonder why there are so many churches that go through church splits and have all kinds of problems?

It’s because Satan is at work in the midst of the church. You say; you mean Satan goes to church? Oh my, yes!

He goes to church. I’ve probably sat next to him a couple of times. And, he loves to divide the people of God.

If we could only understand that, we would step back from our petty differences and realize that we’re just playing into the hand of our enemy, whose purpose is to divide.

And, when Satan injects the poison of…

  • suspicion
  • intolerance
  • hatred
  • jealousy
  • and criticism,

that poison is in the system! It has to get out! And, guess how it gets out?

Listen to the words of James:

“And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity. The tongue is so set among our members that it defiles the whole body. And, it’s set on fire the course of nature. And, it is set on fire by hell. It is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.”

What happens in churches is that Satan gets hold of the tongues of God’s people. And, he uses their tongues to poison the atmosphere of the church.

He does that in families, and he does it in workplaces, and he does it in communities.

Satan’s purpose is to divide. He does not know the meaning of unity. He has no concept of unity. His whole strategy is the strategy of division. He’s the great deceiver and, he’s the great divider.

And thirdly, he’s the great destroyer!

In his attempt to destroy the work of God in the universe, specifically on planet Earth, Satan will do anything to destroy God’s work.

He will delay, demolish and dismantle anything he can do to destroy. When God allowed Satan access to the life of Job, what did he do? What did Satan do when he was given free reign on Job’s family?

He destroyed everything! He destroyed:

  • his servants
  • cattle
  • children
  • and his family!

Satan is the destroyer. And, though he was not able to destroy Job nor his wife, he did everything he could to destroy in the Great Tribulation.

We are told that the fifth trumpet sounds and this demonic horde I told you about at the beginning is released on the earth. And, the Bible says that the angel who leads them is the angel from the bottomless pit; and his name is in the Hebrew Abadan and in the Greek Apollyon, and both names in their respective languages mean the destroyer.

Listen to me ladies and gentlemen. Satan has one plan for your life and mine. He wants to destroy us. He wants to destroy our influence for God!

Why do you think Satan gets to men and women in spiritual leadership and gets them caught up in immorality and all of those things?

Because, when that happens their influence is destroyed.

People can live their whole life and honor the Lord and, if Satan gets an advantage of them for a moment, and in their weakness of the flesh, they do something that dishonors God, their influence for God is ruined.

Then, Satan is the victor.

We ought to pray against him every day. We ought to pray that Satan would have no place in our lives, because he comes to deceive. He comes to divide. And, he comes to destroy.

Well, you say; Pastor Jeremiah how does he go about this? What does he do?

Well, he has several strategies. And, I want to tell you a little bit about them because if we don’t know our enemy we’re gonna lose every battle.

So, let me tell you what some of the strategies.


The first strategy Satan has is the strategy of indifference. Satan’s cleverest ruse in the modern world is to make us think that he doesn’t exist; that he’s a figment of the overactive imagination of dreamers and schemers and Hollywood script writers.

He wants us to think he is a cartoon character, with a cultural role to play as a mischief maker. Or at worst, a dark imaginary boogey man who hides in closets and under beds – and inhabits our nightmares.

Anything but reality!

If Satan doesn’t exist, then we have no obligation to resist him, or hold him accountable.

It’s a great strategy. For any enemy, convinced the opponent that you are not real, making the rival believe you are incapable of bringing him any harm.

And, Satan’s strategy seems to be working. It is amazing to read the statistics of what the people of God understand, or should I say, don’t understand about him.

Few people today, even many self professed Christians, take the Bible’s teaching about Satan very seriously. They see life that is a stage filled with human players, but not players directed or influenced by spiritual directors; or cue cards; or puppeteers.

For example, there was a report in the April 10th 2009 Barna Group profile which which created some statistics from a survey of 1871 self-described Christians.

And, they were asked to respond to this statement:

Quote: “Satan is not a living being but a symbol of evil.”

And, here’s what the statistics reported:

  • 40 percent of the respondents agreed with the statement – these are Christians!
  • 40 percent agreed that Satan wasn’t a real person, just an influence.
  • 19 percent agreed somewhat.
  • 26 disagreed with the statement.
  • and 9 percent disagreed somewhat.
  • and eight percent weren’t sure what they believed about Satan.

But, more than half of the Christians who were asked, believe that Satan was just an evil influence – but not a real person!

So, you can see the confusion that exists in the minds of Christians when only 35 percent believed that Satan is a real being.

There are two reasons why Satan is able to keep himself so invisible..

  1. He’s a spirit being.
  2. He clothed himself in the images of this world in…
    1. art
    2. literature
    3. television programs
    4. entertainment
    5. education
    6. scholarship
    7. and leaders

Wherever Satan can get a foot in the door, he will take it. And, 2nd Corinthians says that Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.

We should not be surprised that we do not see Satan himself. And, we don’t see demons. But, that doesn’t mean the effects of Satan and his demons are not present, because they are.

We look upon them daily. As we survey the chaotic and pain terrain on planet earth, never forget that the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.

Someone has said; if Satan goes to and fro on the earth, walking back and forth on it, then he has passed near you more times than you know.

The Bible could not be clearer about the existence of the devil, and the reality of the spiritual conflict going on all around us.

In fact, we read earlier that we’re to put on the whole armor of God and stand against the wiles of the devil. We read; for we don’t wrestle against flesh, but against principalities and against powers and against the rulers of the darkness of this age and against spiritual hosts of wickedness.

Did you realize how many times the word against is in that paragraph?

And, you know what the word means? The word against is a word which means you’re swimming upstream, against the tide.

Satan is against us. Say that with me; Satan is against us!

He’s against you and me. And, when we sit back and act like he doesn’t exist, and when we are indifferent to what he’s doing in this world, we fall into his trap.

We become not victors as we were meant to be; but victims in the spiritual war.

Years ago, AW Tozier wrote this in his book:

He said, in the early days when Christianity exercised a dominant influence over American thinking, men conceived the world to be a battleground. Our fathers believed in sin, and the devil, and hell is constituting one force.

And, they believed in God, and righteousness, and heaven as the other man had the two sides he could not be neutral.

For him, it must be life or death, heaven or hell. And, if he chose to come out on God’s side, he could expect open war with God’s enemies.

The fight would be real and deadly. And, it would last as long as life. You’d hear below the Christian soldier never forgot what kind of a world he lived in.

It was a battleground.

And, many were the wounded and the slain. But, toes your notes in his book.

How different it is today today? He says the spiritual world has become not a battleground, but a playground.

Instead of being here to fight we’re here to frolic. Instead of being here to view earth as a foreign land, we’ve made ourselves very much at home here.

Rather than living in expectation of eternity with God, we’re pursuing life as we want it now, with little thought for the future.

If Poser was correct when he wrote this in the mid 20th century, how much more do his words apply to us today?

We have lost sight of the fact that were in a war. And, we have become indifferent to the fact that we have a real enemy. His name is Satan.

And, he is organized to the hilt! His demons cover the earth with their presence.

Strategy number one is indifference.


Strategy number two is ignorance. That’s not a good word. It’s just a true word next to our passive and difference to his presence in our lives.

Satan depends upon our ignorance of his strategies.

Years ago, a missionary professor by the name of Paul Hebert caused an incredible stir in theological circles when he wrote an article called “The Flaw of the Excluded Middle.”

It was published in a leading scholarly journal. And, it never had been examined before it came about because, on the mission field, they could not understand what the natives were telling them when they would talk to them about spiritual beings.

They talked about things that happened that didn’t have any way to resonate with the missionaries.

Trained as a missionary in Western schools, our missionaries knew nothing of what they call the excluded middle.

And so, here’s what they meant.

There is the spiritual and there’s the earthly. But, in between the spiritual and the earthly, there’s a middle thing.

And, Satan & his emissaries live in that middle ground. We don’t know anything about it. We know something about heaven, but we know nothing about the in-between atmosphere where Satan and his demons work.

But, the people in the mission field; they know about that. They know about this middle ground and they live with it every day.

They experience it.

So, when missionaries who have no background in that go to these places, they’re totally taken back. They don’t know what to do. They feel totally powerless.

And, many of them come back to the States because they don’t know what to do.

Now, listen ladies and gentlemen. Those missionaries are trained in the same schools that pastors are trained in where I was trained.

I knew nothing of that in my college experience, or my seminary experience. I had very little training at all about what goes on between heaven and earth where the spiritual battles are really fought.

Read the Book of Daniel and you will see that.

And today, because we are not aware of what is happening and how Satan goes about his work, he gets up next to us. We’re not even aware he’s there!

And, the middle ground which is where the war is being fought is like an unknown territory to most Christians!

So, one of the problems that we have, and one of the reasons why Satan is being so effective even in Christian circles, is not because we’re simply indifferent to him like he doesn’t exist; we’re ignorant of how he works.


Let me give you the third thing that’s true about Satan and how he works. Not only does he work through our indifference and through our ignorance, but he also works through infiltration.

Satan loves to infiltrate our lives. Here’s a verse of Scripture you need to remember. I’ll just give you a little phrase out of  Ephesians – and it says:

“Don’t give place to the devil.”

How many of you know what it means to give place to the devil? You say, well why would anybody in their right mind ever give place to the devil?

We don’t do it on purpose. But, we do it nonetheless.

Christians today run the risk of being confronted by his power, by allowing things in their lives that should never be allowed in the front door.

Proverbs says;

“Can a man take fire to his bosom and his clothes not be burned?”

You say; well pastor Jeremiah, what are you talking about?

Many Christians today build a fire in their lap with their…

  • thought
  • with their lifestyle choices
  • their harboring of sin
  • dabbling in dark practices like astrology and fortune-telling.

And then, they wonder why they get burned! Why Satan gets into their life. All he needs is a little beachhead into your life, and he’ll set up shop as quick as he can!

I read about a pastor in Haiti who created the following parable to illustrate for his people the necessity of knowing how ruthless Satan is, and how uncompromising the Christian must be when it comes to allowing Satan a foothold in our life.

A Parable

Here is his story:

A certain man wanted to sell his house for $2,000. Another man wanted very badly to buy it but, because he was poor, he couldn’t afford the full price.

After much bargaining, the owner agreed to sell the house for half the original price with just one stipulation: He would retain ownership of one small nail protruding from just over the back door.

After several years, the original owner wanted the house back. But, the new owner was unwilling to sell it. So, the first original owner went out found the carcass of a dead dog and hung it from the nail he still owned.

Soon, the house became unlivable and the family was forced to sell the house to the owner of the nail.

And the Haitian pastor told his congregation; if we leave the devil with even one small peg in our life he will return to hang his rotted garbage on it and make it unfit for Christian habitation.

And, that’s what he does! That’s the ruthless enemy who opposes us!

So, I say to you; don’t give him the tiniest toehold in your life. Do not leave the door to your heart cracked open to the slightest degree. And, do not rationalize or excuse any failure to obey the true Lord of your life!

And, when failure or misstep occurs, as they will, confess them immediately and cleanse your own heart from all sin by going to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Remember, the one who is in you is more powerful than the one who is in the world.


Are you getting the picture of how he works he works through intervention and what we mean by intervention well the dictionary defines intervention as the interference of a state in the affairs of another state in order to compel it to do certain things or alter its condition in our culture we become very familiar with intervention on a personal level somebody gets into drugs they can’t break the habit and so their family with the help of a counselor will will do an intervention they will go in and insert themselves in the situation uninvited and try their very best to break the habit of the person who’s involved in the addiction now Satan has his own intervention program I want to tell you about it because I think it’s one of the most subtle things that he does he loves to interfere in the lives of Christians so that he can cause them to do his will instead of the will of God I am convinced that Satan’s intervention plan today is to keep God’s people so busy with the things of this world that they have no time to devote to their spiritual lives and I see that as a pastor I see it in my church and I see it as I travel around the country as I was preparing this message a friend of mine sent me a devotional that reminded me of the subtlety of his strategy to discourage and defeat Christians the devotional imagines Satan addressing a worldwide convention of demons and promising them victory in believers lives if they will faithfully do the following 12 things now listen carefully keep them busy with non essentials tempt them to overspend and to go into debt make them work long hours to maintain empty lifestyles discourage them from spending family time for when homes disintegrate there’s no refuge from work / stimulate their minds with television and computers so they can’t hear God speaking to them fill their coffee tables and their nightstands with newspapers and magazines so they have no time to read the Bible flood their mailboxes with sweepstakes and promotions and get-rich-quick schemes keep them chasing material things put glamorous models on TV and on magazine covers to keep them focused on outward appearances that way they’ll be dissatisfied with themselves and too satisfied with their mates make sure couples are too exhausted for physical intimacy that way they’ll be tempted to look elsewhere emphasize Santa and the Easter Bunny that way you divert them from the real meaning of the holidays involve them in good causes so they won’t have time for eternal causes and make them self-sufficient keep them busy working in their own strength so that they’ll never know the joy of God’s power working through them the devotional concludes have you figured out the difference between being busy and being successful and what God has called you to do sometimes being busy be us why just means being under Satan’s yoke if Satan can encourage us to get our lives so full of other things that we have no time for God he has begun his work in us and the ultimate end of it will not be something that is pretty finally Satan works through in termination some of you are intimidated by Satan you’ve heard some bad things about him and boy you’re scared of him and I want to tell you something you need not to be afraid of Satan let me ask you this question what is the opposite of God if you say Satan you’re wrong Satan is not the opposite of God you know who satan’s opposite is Michael the Archangel Satan cannot be God’s opposite because God created him Satan is a creature and he is not in the same universe with the creator and we who are Christians who know Jesus Christ and had the Holy Spirit living within us Satan cannot defeat us if we walk in the spirit we do not need to walk around all afraid I’ve told you some pretty fearful things about him only so you’ll be aware of who he is but you do not need to be cowering before him you need to respect him but you don’t need to fear him because God has given you everything you need to be victorious against everything he brings to the table I told you earlier that I’d have a word to say about exorcism for a Christian sometimes I know Christians get into this and if you happen to be into this maybe you’ve read a book that tells you how you should do this you you listen to what I say and put it together with what you know and see if God doesn’t help you to figure this out but I remember reading something by a man I greatly admire he’s a Southern Baptist Seminary president by the name of albert Mohler the great man of God and a brilliant man here’s what he wrote about Christians and exorcism here’s what he said we should respect the power of the devil and his demons but never fear them we do not need a Rite of exorcism only the name of Jesus we are not given a priesthood of exorcists for every believer is armed with the full promise of the gospel United with Christ by faith and dwelt by the Holy Spirit every time a believer shares the gospel and declares the name of Jesus the demons and the devil lose their power here’s another thing you need to remember Satan does not have freedom to do anything he wants during this time if you’ve ever been in a neighborhood where you have a vicious dog you were always thankful for a piece of equipment called a leash the dog is on a leash and the dog has freedom until he gets to the end of the leash now they have a new thing where they put a thing on the dog’s collar and then they have an electronic field around the house and the dog is coming after you till he hits that electric field and all of a sudden he’s at the end of his territory well Satanists like that Satan is on a leash he has a territory he cannot go beyond anything God will allow him to do so you don’t need to be afraid of him you need to be prepared to deal with him but you don’t need to be afraid of him the story of Job teaches us we do not have to be afraid of what he will do he cannot do anything unless the Lord allows him that freedom and he only allows that freedom so that we can learn to depend upon him for victory in our lives the Bible says that the Son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil the late Swiss theologian Oscar Coleman has noted that every military campaign in history turned on the outcome of a single decisive battle Waterloo decided Napoleon’s fate the Battle of Gettysburg turned the American Civil War in the North’s favor and the d-day invasion of Allied forces into France sealed the doom of the Axis powers and the outcome of World War two in the same way the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was the turning point in the war between Satan and God it is said of Napoleon Bonaparte that as he attempted to conquer all the kingdoms of the known world he spread out a map on a table and he pointed to a specific place and he said to his lieutenants sirs if it were not for that red spot I could conquer the world and the spot to which he pointed was the British Isles the very nation that met Napoleon at Waterloo in Belgium and defeated him as part of the group of Allied and I have no doubt that Satan says the same thing about the red hilltop of Calvary where Christ’s blood was spilt when he talks about conquering the world he says to his demons if it weren’t for that red spot I could rule the world but that red spot is the spot that made all the difference in our spiritual battle we do not have to live our lives in the fear of the devil we need only to come to the spiritual center which is Jesus Christ and to his cross and when we bow our knees before him first of all to give him our lives and ask for his forgiveness of our sins he will come and fill us with the strength that we need to meet every challenge of every day and then as Christians as we fight these battles and we become part of the other side and Satan’s not on our side anymore we’ve joined the other team we can be sure that the team we have joined and the one who lives within us is so powerful that Satan cannot be victorious over us unless we allow ourselves to get sloppy in the way we live our lives and we become indifferent or ignorant or intimidated by the things of the enemy

Dr. David Jeremiah Sums Up His “Ignorant of the Devil’s Strategies Sermon

I have shared this message with you because I believe this is what God wanted me to tell you. Because I also believe that there are people who have been under the bondage of Satan, people who have allowed the enemy of their souls to come and take control of their lives, and pull them away from their allegiance to Christ.

You have been around the gospel all of your life! Your friends have told you about Jesus.

All around us we see the forces of goodness and wickedness in dispute. Many individuals do not understand it. All the description in the Bible of spiritual warfare, and the guide to spiritual defenses, is truly the only way I know to stay safe in this battle.

Truth is, Jesus Christ defeated Satan at every turn in His life. And, He is our best defense in spiritual warfare today.

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  3. Love the truthfulness of this message! Thank God for using you to share the truth as it is written

  4. Satanic worship has been strong for decades. In the late 60’s and early 70’s I attended college at night classes. Since I had been out of school a few years I was constantly searching the book stores for those little paper back refresher books. One thing I noticed was that the satanic, devil worship and witch books where extremely popular with the young girls. There was always a crowd there looking and buying these books. These folks are alive and among us today. They voted, teached in school married and raised children.

  5. Please correct your title. Strategies is misspelled. Thank you😀

  6. Of course Satan goes to church. Don’t you think that if he has the balls to go to God directly…like he did when he wanted Job…. that Satan has no problem cming to any church which just consists of us weak humans.

  7. Praise Jesus! Satan is on a leash and the mention of His name makes the devil tremble!

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