Christian Bible study

Making Christ Known – Online Bible Studies

If you’ve been looking for a place to learn more about God these Christian Bible study lessons will help. Online Bible Studies to Exercise Your Spiritual Mindset Making Christ Known is dedicated to teaching about Jesus Christ and better living habits through online Bible studies. Hi, my name is Bob Pardue. I want to welcome […]

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“How to Handle Insults and Ridicule” – Pastor Rick Warren Video

“You’ll fined no opportunity without opposition.” These were some of the first words uttered in this sermon by Pastor Rick Warren. He will take us through a journey many Christians will face (and have faced) when attempting to live according to God’s Word. Video by Pastor Rick Warren Tells How to Handle Insults and Ridicule […]

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Saul Pursues David

David – Saul in Hot Pursuit!

Move forward and complete whatever project you have — Then, pray. Is that how it goes? Well, if you’re anything like me, this is many times the process. Today’s Bible study lesson is simple. We’ll discover how David made his decisions. Also, we’ll see the true motive of Saul when he prayed. Both sought God […]

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1 Samuel David Lies

David – The Little Lie

Truthfully, have you ever told a “little white lie“? I’m sure you have. Specifically, if you’re a man with a wife or girlfriend, that fateful question: “Does this dress make me look too big?” comes to mind. What do you answer? Well, today’s Bible study lesson from 1 Samuel deals with several issues going on […]

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