Amir Tsarfati: The Spirit and the Bride Say, “Come!” Video

No doubt, the second coming of Christ concerns Christians now days. The video shown here by Amir Tsarfati tells about “The Spirit and the Bride” from the Book of Revelation. So, what’s our part in this? We need to share as much as possible and to be ready when the Lord returns to claim His […]

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The great deceiver video by David Jeremiah

The Great Deceiver Who Seeks to Destroy | Video by Dr. David Jeremiah

Are We Headed for the End Time? Watch The Great Deceiver Who Seeks to Destroy Video by Dr. David Jeremiah Many Christian pastors and Sunday school teachers today are quoting Scripture about the end times and the great deceiver (Satan) who wishes to pull us away. Jesus gives us comfort in the Book of John […]

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When You Can’t Take It Anymore | David Jeremiah Video from Psalm 107

As a photographer, the first sentences of this video by Dr. David Jeremiah caught my attention. He tells about a photograph named “Bliss” which was viewed by billions of people — more than even the Mona Lisa! You’ve most likely seen it. Anyhow, Dr. Jeremiah tells about what to do when life piles up and […]

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“Seeing Your Future With Faith, Not Fear” with Pastor Rick Warren

Fear seems to be rampant these days, don’t you agree? With so much going on in the world, our country, our neighborhood and yes, even our own families, we can find plenty to be afraid of. But, as Christians we enjoy something others don’t have — That is God’s vision and strength. “I have a […]

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Days of Easter

The Days of Easter

Easter time comes but once a year. And yes, the children become more and more excited about getting their baskets, coloring and hiding eggs to win the prize. But, as Christians we know that’s not all there is to the Days of Easter – Not by a long shot! That’s why I believe this article […]

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Amir Tsarfati: The Generation that Shall Not Pass Away Video

Pastor Amir Tsarfati Talks about the End Times In this sermon, Pastor Amir Tsarfati relates how Jesus talked to His Disciples about the fig tree and things to come. He also explains what is meant by a “generation” of people. Interesting… What Did Jesus Say about the End Times? One of the most important teachings […]

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