Pretending to Follow Christ Meme

Are You Pretending to Follow Christ?

God Turns Aaron's Staff into a Snake

Exodus 6: 26-27, 7:1-13 – Study Lessons from the Bible The Exodus is taking shape. God sends Moses and Aaron back to Pharaoh and works the miracle of turning the staff into a snake. Should we rely on miracles in order to believe? Even with miracles, the Egyptian didn’t pay…

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Bricks Without Straw Exodus Meme

Pharaoh Orders Israel to Make Brick without Straw in Genesis – Memes to Share

Authority of Christ Meme

Do You Ever Question Authority? How about the Authority of Christ?

The Wicked Tenants - Parable for Accepting Christ

Bible Study Lessons: Matthew 21:33-46 Jesus told many parables for our benefit and this one about the wicked tenants is yet one more. But the story from Matthew is compelling because it answers the important question of “Why accept Christ now?” and not later. As you will see, there will…

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Moses - The Deliverance Promise 2

Bible Study Lesson, Exodus 5: 22-23, 6:1-12 This Scripture reading from Exodus shows Moses as impatient with God. God promised deliverance of Israel (see the deliverance promise) but it didn’t happen today. Lets see what response Moses gave to God. Bringing back the message of “no deliverance” to the people…

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Blind Beggars Meme

“He offers us healing of our souls and all we have to give Him is our belief.”

Inauguration Day 2017

Inauguration Day 2017! Congratulations President Trump! It’s Inauguration Day 2017. Lot’s of turmoil in America this year. As the Bible states in Timothy; pray for all our leaders and I hope the country will come back together peacefully as democracy implores. “First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and…

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Moses Returns to Egypt Meme

“Yes, Moses was afraid to go to Egypt – but he went.” ~ Making Christ Known

Study Lessons from Exodus 5:22-23 and 6:1-12 Patience, or lack of it is covered in this lesson from Exodus. God promises deliverance but the people no longer believe Moses. And, Moses is upset because God did not free the Israelites immediately. Sound familiar? This Bible study lesson is partly about…

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Martin Luthor King on Love Meme

Martin Luthor King Day – 2017 “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Parable of the Two Sons

Bible Study Lessons: Matthew 21:28-32 This parable of the two sons in Matthew is about earnestly following God and doing the work Christ laid out for us. The sons had different ways of answering their father just as we do. See how two brothers answered a call differently and which…

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Bricks without Straw - Moses Goes to Pharaoh

Bible Study Lesson — Exodus 5:1-21 You probably remember these Bible chapters from Exodus. Moses asks Pharaoh to free the people and the order is given to make bricks without straw. Pharaoh did not know God nor His great power. This Exodus study lesson covers getting caught in the middle….

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