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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

Decorating Your Holiday Tree and Home

'Tis the holiday season again so time to get busy with some new and exciting Christmas tree decorating ideas and themes to bring in the Yule Tide!  

We are entering my favorite time of the year. The stores are beginning to gear up for the holiday season. It seems that each year the merchants begin their displays earlier.


The major magazines begin to have holiday themes and Christmas decorating ideas beginning in August. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the holiday time.


I have found, for me, that the best way to enjoy the holidays is to keep it simple. I try to keep this in mind in everything I do from my Christmas decorating ideas to the foods I prepare for guests.


For several years my husband and I would have a Christmas open house. We invited coworkers, neighbors, friends and relatives.


Each year the list of people we invited would grow and so would the headaches and stress of getting ready for the event. I began making homemade candies a month prior to the event. We made homemade candies, cookies, bars and a wide variety of finger foods.

I would comb the magazines and shop the stores to come up with the latest holiday decorating themes and a new pattern so that each year I would have new displays for our guest to see. We would have so many people in the house that you could hardly move, let alone admire the Christmas decorating ideas that I had come up with.


We spent all of our time filling punch bowls, making coffee, sometimes playing a decorate the Christmas tree game and replenishing serving platters. And, no artificial stuff for me! There was always a living Christmas tree to finish the decor. We decided that we needed to have a different way to celebrate the holidays with friends.


We looked at the list of people that we invited and agreed that we could eliminate coworkers from the list. We each had holiday parities at work where we could celebrate the season.


We then decided that we would have smaller gatherings on three different evenings during the season. This is how we started to keep things simple. We invited neighbors over for one evening, friends for another and relatives on another.


We serve appetizers and drinks. I still make a variety of homemade sweets, but now I have a cookie exchange with coworkers at our house. This gives me time with coworkers outside the office setting and also gives me a variety of cookies to serve. I still come up with different Christmas tree decorating ideas, and with fewer people in the house you can actually see the displays.


For instance, tree toppers. Most families have a Christmas tree topper that they use every year, but in my family it was different. One year, we would have a Christmas tree angel, while the next year we would use a Christmas star. Have fun searching and use your own taste and judgment when looking for ornaments and decorations.


I concentrate on decorating the trees well. We place one in the living room and one in the family room. I also have candles and greenery arranged on the tables.


Another idea is to use large vases filled with a variety of evergreens along with red and white carnations to create a "snowy" theme. Add a few led twinkle lights here and there and my Christmas decorating is complete.


Buying Trees


The Christmas tree is one of the most recognizable icons of the holiday season. Buyers of these most sought after decorations basically have one question to consider: Should I buy a real evergreen or an artificial Christmas tree. Hopefully, a little thought and some browsing around on the Internet will help you make a decision.


The first consideration you want to make is you own personal tastes. If you are a stickler for tradition then you will most likely be drawn to the traditional live Christmas tree. There are many beautiful varieties available during the holiday season and you can even order a real evergreen tree online.


The live evergreen holiday decoration is ideal for the traditionalist and it is also a great item to consider if you are short on storage space. If you have a cramped attic and you basement is overflowing with stuff, then a real Christmas tree is a great choice. You don’t have to worry about stocking it away after the season.


The fragrance that the live Christmas tree brings into the home is magnificent and there are some who really make a strong connection between this scent and the holiday season. For some, there is no other choice than a real live evergreen for their Christmas decorating needs.


However, plenty of people prefer to use artificial trees to decorate their homes. The artificial Christmas tree is the perfect choice for someone who likes to keep things well organized during the off season. In no time at all, you can have your home decorated for the holidays when you have everything you need in stock.


The artificial variety also offers a lot of interesting colors and designs that you just can’t find in nature. If you have your heart set on a pink Christmas tree, you have to go with the artificial approach. There are tons of options available and you can have a very colorful composition by using this kind of decoration.


How about convenience? There are even pre-lit Christmas trees that are a cinch to set up in your home. You don’t have to worry about dealing with fussy wires and tangled lights when you choose the pre-lit version. This type comes in two basic forms: ones lit with traditional bulbs and ones that are fiber optic. Not much creativity in decorating ideas here. It's done for you.


With all of the decisions that we have to make during the holidays things can get pretty stressful. I do have one suggestion. You might want to opt for having both. The real evergreen can be displayed in your living room while the artificial Christmas tree can be placed in your game room. This is the ideal approach to decorating a home for the holidays.


Don't give in to the holiday rush this season. And, make sure to avoid getting stressed with Christmas tree decorating ideas. Take your time, enjoy and have a Happy holiday season!


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