woman anoints Jesus with perfume

Woman Anoints Jesus with Perfume – Matthew 26

A Woman Anoints Jesus with Perfume Yes, this is a story of Jesus, the woman, the perfume and Judas Iscariot but it revealed so much more to the disciples. As always, Christ used this incident as an opportunity to teach. And, we’ll find that when the woman anoints Jesus with perfume, it signals something else […]

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Who is the Christ? Who’s Son is He?

Bible Study Lesson: Matthew 22:41-46 Those who don’t know Him and even some people who do all ask the same question. Who is the Christ? The Pharisees asked and Scripture tells us the answer in this Matthew lesson. Up to their old tricks, the Pharisees are asking; “Who is the Christ?” – but they didn’t […]

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