destruction of Ai

After the battle of Jericho and the sins of Achan are uncovered, God gives Joshua another chance to defeat the city of Ai. This becomes a battle to remember. So, let’s learn some valuable lessons about faith and giving up too soon. This study from Joshua 8 tells about the…

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Rahab hides the spies

One of the things I love about reading the Bible is, it doesn’t sugar-coat the stories. We see how God uses the good, the bad and the ugly, just as it happened. The title, “Rahab hides the spies” doesn’t tell us much. But, the story gets more interesting when you…

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Isaac and Abimelech

By: Dr. L. Brooks Walker If you are in an abusive or broken marriage relationship and you turn to your church for help you may get at least two conflicting responses. One is the practical response when the pastor says get out of the abusive relationship, and the other opinion…

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