Christian Bible Study Lessons For Your Spiritual Health

If you’ve been looking for a place to learn more about God these Christian Bible study lessons will help. Making Christ Known is dedicated to teaching about Jesus Christ and better living habits. We will go through the Bible together and use the guide for a more joyful life.

Exercise Your Spiritual Mindset Through Daily Bible Study

Hopefully, this Christian website will help you through tough times and help you to rejoice in God through his Word. Ask why Bible study lessons and then go through a day at a time. I hope this site will bless you and your family. – Bob Pardue

Abram Goes to Egypt

 Bible Study Lessons — Genesis 12:10-20 Story of Faith and Fear Every action we take has consequences. The old saying goes; “Oh, what a dreadful web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” In this Old Testament reading the saying rings true. When Abram goes to Egypt, he deceives…

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Disciples Jailed - Then Released

Bible Study Lessons: Acts 5:17-42 After the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ the disciples (especially Peter and John) preached the gospel openly – no longer in fear. Acts gives an account of the hearing and results. The Sadducees were very jealous and afraid they (the disciples) would begin to tear…

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Gideon's Ephod - Putting God First

Bible Study Lesson — Judges 8:22-35 When we list our priorities, do we put God at the top of the list? The study today is about wealth, power and worship. Gideon made an ephod (explained below) out of gold the people of Israel donated. He, like many of us, became…

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What Did Jesus Say About Anger?

Bible Study Lesson from Matthew 5:21-26 Besides money and finance, anger is probably one of the most destructive forces known when it comes to relationships, friendships and even business success. What did Jesus say about anger and how it affects relationships? One point to remember is that, once a temper…

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Bible Study Lessons from Genesis 12:1-9 In this Bible passage and study lesson from Genesis, Abram (later Abraham) sets out for what will become the promised land. At this time Noah’s ordeal is over and God has separated the languages at the tower of Babel. Now God sets His covenant…

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Healing Power of Peter and the Apostles

Bible Study Lessons: Acts 5:12-16 The Scripture reading today is from the Book of Acts; very short but profound. We could just read over it and basically understand the healing power of Peter and the Apostles within Solomon’s portico. But, there are several life lessons from these verses. Persecution is…

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Zebah and Zalmunna

Bible Study Lesson — Judges 8:1-21 In this episode, Gideon is once again challenged – not so much by the force of his enemies, Zebah and Zalmunna but by the refusal of people to help him and his army. In earlier chapters, we saw Gideon as weak and without much…

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What Did Jesus Say About The Law?

Bible Study Lessons …. Matthew 5:17-20 In these verses from the New Testament Book of Matthew, Jesus makes it very clear that he is not implying that His followers break the laws of the prophets (ten commandments and others). So, what did Jesus say about the law? It’s really clear…

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Tower of Babel

Bible Study Lesson, Genesis 11:1-9 In the ever upward climb of man, the quest for trying to outdo God seems to continuously emerge. The Tower of Babel is a good example of the human lust for power and glory as we will discover in this Bible reading and lesson. The…

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Ananias, Sapphira and the Price of Telling Lies

Bible Study Lessons: Acts 5:1-11 We’ve all bragged about something in our lives at one time or another – it’s human nature. The Christians in the early church were not above this sin either. The story of Ananias and Sapphira shows what can happen when we take bragging and lying…

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Gideon's Trumpet

Bible Study Lesson — Judges 7:12-25 This is a common phrase; “Gideon’s trumpet” but do you know the complete story? Remember in the last reading from Judges God cut Gideon’s army down to a mere 300 men to fight the massive Midianite forces. But, what happens next is yet another…

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What did Jesus say about salt and light

Bible Study Lesson from Matthew 5:13-16 In this Bible study lesson from Matthew we learn what Jesus says about salt and light. In modern times the phrase “salt and light” is used frequently by Christians and is quoted during baptism services in many instances — but what does it really…

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Noah's Sons

Bible Study Lesson – Genesis 9:18-29 As you’ll soon see, there’s more to the story of Noah and his ark after the great flood has come and gone. Yes, Noah pulls a fool stunt and acts disgusting after all the faith he showed when God made a covenant with him….

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