Christian Bible Study Lessons

Christian Bible Study Lessons For Your Spiritual Health

If you’ve been looking for a place to learn more about God these Christian Bible study lessons will help. Making Christ Known is dedicated to teaching about Jesus Christ and better living habits. We will go through the Bible together and use the Scripture for a more joyful life.

Exercise Your Spiritual Mindset Through Daily Christian Bible Study

Christian Bible Study LessonsHopefully, this Christian website will help you through tough times and help you to rejoice in God through his Word.

We all need spiritual guidance at some points in our lives. We all experience “bumps in the road” and need someone to help us through them.

Ask why Bible study lessons and then go through a day at a time. I hope this site will bless you and your family. – Bob Pardue

Have you ever had a situation come up and your first response was to grumble about it? Or, do you see everything in a positive light? The Israelites chose the former as we will learn in this Exodus Bible study lesson from the Old Testament. Let read and study how…

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Jesus Tells the Future

Bible Study from Matthew 24:1-25 Do you ever wonder or worry about the end of time? I don’t dwell on it but yes, sometimes the thought does cross my mind. In this lesson we read that Jesus tells the future about His second coming on the Mount of Olives. Jesus…

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Song of Moses and Miriam

Exodus 15:1-21 Perk your ears! You are about to hear one of the oldest melodies in recorded history. Listen to the Song Moses and Miriam sang. Moses always gave credit to God whenever a miracle like the parting of the red sea happened. The song of Moses and Miriam is…

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It's Not Hopeless Meme

Feeling Alone? It’s Not Hopeless to God In this meme we learn that nothing is too big for God. Remember, when times are tough, situations seem “hopeless to us perhaps – But not for God.” ~ Making Christ Known

Jesus Condemns Religious Leaders

Bible Study Lesson – Matthew 23:13-36 This passage for Scripture study gives us the 8 woes Jesus presented to the Pharisees and scribes. He called them “blind guides” because of their greed and pretentious lifestyle. In the Book of Matthew, as in other books of the New Testament, Jesus once…

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Zig Ziglar Can't Hear You Quote

Zig Ziglar – I Can’t Hear You Quote Meme shares a favorite quote from Zig Ziglar: “What you do speaks so loudly, I can’t hear a word you’re saying.”

Christ Died Quote Meme

Christ Died Quote – Meme Shares Quote from the Firstborn Redeemer Read the quote about why Jesus had to die. Meme tells the story of the redeemer for us. “Christ died in our place so that we can be redeemed and have everlasting life.” ~ Making Christ Known

God Parts The Red Sea

Bible Study Lessons from Exodus 14:1-31 The big one! Yet another miracle. The Scripture where God parts the Red Sea is probably one of the best known miracles of the Old Testament. Learn from Exodus how Moses raises his staff and God rolls back the mighty waters of the Red…

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Jesus Warns Against Religious Leaders

Bible Study Lesson – Matthew 23:1-12 “What you do speaks so loudly, I can’t hear a word you’re saying.” Not sure who first said this but I heard it from one of my favorite speakers, Zig Ziglar. No matter, the statement is certainly true, which is why Jesus said to…

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Exodus Bible Quote – Meme Shares What Pharaoh Says in Exodus 12 After Passover, Pharaoh says to Moses; “Then he called for Moses and Aaron at night and said, Rise up, get out from among my people” ~ Exodus 12:31

God redeems the firstborn

Bible Study Lesson from Exodus 13:1-22 Learn about the Feast of Unleavened Bread as God leads the Israelites to the promised land. God redeems the firstborn at Passover so they belong to Him. He did not take a direct route to the promised land, but led Israel according to His…

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Greatest Commandment Meme

Greatest Commandment Meme – Great Commandments of Christ 1. ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 2. ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’~ Matthew 22

Bible Study Lesson: Matthew 22:41-46 Those who don’t know Him and even some people who do all ask the same question. Who is the Christ? The Pharisees asked and Scripture tells us the answer in this Matthew lesson. Up to their old tricks, the Pharisees are asking; “Who is the…

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