Christian Bible Study Lessons For Your Spiritual Health

If you’ve been looking for a place to learn more about God these Christian Bible study lessons will help. Making Christ Known is dedicated to teaching about Jesus Christ and better living habits. We will go through the Bible together and use the guide for a more joyful life.

Exercise Your Spiritual Mindset Through Daily Bible Study

Hopefully, this Christian website will help you through tough times and help you to rejoice in God through his Word. Ask why Bible study lessons and then go through a day at a time. I hope this site will bless you and your family. – Bob Pardue

Jacob Settles in Egypt

Bible Study Lesson — Genesis 47:1-12 Continuing the story of Joseph, Jacob and his family move into the land of Goshen and settle in Egypt. This Bible tutorial is about how faith and obedience to God can control the outcome of the future. The big move to Egypt: Jacob settles…

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Peter and the Coin Fish

Bible Lessons about Peter from Matthew 17:24-27 Should we pay taxes? This is a question asked of Jesus by Peter in Capernaum. Every Jewish man was required to pay a tribute but Christ was a king after all (kings weren’t required to pay tax.). Find out whether or not Christians…

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Jacob Goes to Egypt

Bible Study Lesson about Jacob from Genesis 46:1-34 If you just returned from a business trip or a vacation with your family, you didn’t have to start out weeks or months ahead to get there, did you? In the time of Joseph, a trip to Egypt was a major journey,…

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Jesus Predicts His Death Again

Matthew 17:22-23 – Study Lesson about Christ Many times before Easter Sunday Jesus talked to the disciples about how He would be killed, and then rise on the third day. They didn’t understand and were terrified at the prospect of Jesus leaving them. Christ knew that the people against Him…

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Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.
Joseph Tells All

Bible Study Lesson about Joseph from Genesis 45:1-28  Things sometimes happen which we just don’t understand. Is it the work of God? When God wants our attention He can do things to interrupt our lives in order to bring us closer to His will. As we see in the 45th…

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Demon Possessed Boy

Study Lessons about Christ – Matthew 17:14-20 The title is about Jesus healing a boy who is demon possessed but it is just as much a story about faith. When times of trouble come, it’s sometimes difficult to show faith. And, the initial reaction is that we will try to…

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Joseph sets up Benjamin

Bible Study Lessons about Joseph – Genesis 44:1-34 The past catches up. This is the story of how Joseph sets up Benjamin with the silver cup. Remember Judah? Yes, he was the brother who conceived the idea to sell Joseph into slavery. Now, he takes responsibility for the life of…

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transfiguration of Christ

Matthew 17:1-13 Study Lesson about Christ Who is Jesus? The transfiguration of Christ on the mountain as told in Matthew shows the true revelation of who Jesus is. We’ll learn why we should choose to follow and worship Him. Transfiguration of Christ on the Mountain – Talking with Elijah and…

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Joseph's Brothers - Second Journey to Egypt

Bible Study Lessons about Joseph — Genesis 43:1-34  This lesson taken from the Book of Genesis addresses a few different situations. When Joseph’s brothers make the second journey to Egypt, Jacob gets an answer to his prayer. One of the focus points from Joseph and his brothers is on the…

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great flood meme

“Projects which we believe to be monumental or beyond our meager means will be surprisingly simple if we will only allow God to use His unabashed power.” – The Great Flood at Making Christ Known

Jesus Predicts His Own Death

Bible Study Lesson about Christ from Matthew 16:21-28 In His three years of ministry, Christ foretold many events. In this lesson from Matthew we learn how Jesus predicts His own death for the first time. Even though Jesus explained in detail about His suffering, death and resurrection the disciples (in…

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The Brothers Meet Joseph in Egypt

Bible Study Lessons about Joseph from Genesis 42:1-38 When Jacob discovered there was food available in Egypt, he decided to send his sons to buy grain during this time of famine. Little did he know they would be dealing with Joseph – the brother they once plotted to kill! In…

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