Christian Bible Study Lessons For Your Spiritual Health

If you’ve been looking for a place to learn more about God these Christian Bible study lessons will help. Making Christ Known is dedicated to teaching about Jesus Christ and better living habits. We will go through the Bible together and use the guide for a more joyful life.

Exercise Your Spiritual Mindset Through Daily Bible Study

Hopefully, this Christian website will help you through tough times and help you to rejoice in God through his Word. Ask why Bible study lessons and then go through a day at a time. I hope this site will bless you and your family. – Bob Pardue

Moses and the Burning Bush

Lesson about Moses for Bible Study –  Exodus 3:1-22 In Exodus, we’ll learn about Moses and the burning bush to see an ordinary man take steps toward greatness. From the burning bush God lays out his plan for Moses to go to Egypt to bring the Israelites out of bondage….

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Jesus Equal Work Meme

Jesus Equal Work Meme Read Jesus, Equal Work, Equal Pay Here ..

Moses to Midian Meme

Moses Flees to Midian

What We Do Today Meme

“What we do today will become the past tomorrow.” From: Jacob Blesses His Family

Exodus Moses is born meme

“Yes, some Christian movies are well-made, but God’s version is awesome!” ~ From Exodus – Moses is Born at Making Christ Known

Jesus equal work equal pay

Bible Study Lesson about Jesus, Equal Work, Equal Pay from Matthew 20:1-16 The New Testament reveals many secrets about how to get to heaven. Christ explains about the kingdom of heaven in this parable about the workers hired by the landowner. Should everyone do equal work for equal pay? Jesus…

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Jesus Loves Children Meme

“When our lives are in a shamble, we most likely turn to God. Then we are like the children in the Bible.” ~ From Jesus Loves the Little Children at Making Christ Known.

Camel Through Eye of Needle Meme

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” ~ Matthew 19 From: Jesus and the Rich Young Man

Moses Escapes to Midian

Study Lessons from the Bible — Exodus 2:11-25 In this chapter from Exodus, Moses kills an Egyptian and runs away to Midian when Pharaoh discovers his crime. The Bible study lesson for today is about “crimes” we’ve committed in the past and how to handle them. Moses The Murderer Flees…

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Bible Study Lesson — Matthew 19:16-30 Jesus often used every opportunity as a teaching moment. When the rich young man approached Him asking what “good thing” he could do in order to go to heaven, Christ points out that he should give up worldly possessions. Does this mean we are…

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Exodus - Moses is Born

Bible Study Lessons from Exodus 1:8-22; 2:1-10 In these Bible study lessons we will walk through the lives of the Israelites after Joseph forgave his brothers and moved his family to Egypt. We’ll learn from Scripture about how God chose Moses to lead his people out of bondage the trials…

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Jesus Loves the Little Children

Study Lesson about Christ from Matthew 19:13-15 “Let the little children come to me ..” says Jesus. This lesson from Matthew shows that Christ was willing to bless and forgive even the least of the human race – including us! We see children as precious but the disciples only saw…

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Jesus Tells about His Death the Third Time

Bible Study Lesson about Joseph from Genesis 50:15-26 Remember how the brothers sold Joseph when he was young? The brothers remembered too. They were afraid of revenge by the younger after their father, Jacob died. Let’s do a Bible lesson with the conclusion of Genesis in mind. Forgiveness for the…

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